Journey Prep Layering (Mens)

Get the right layers for your next outdoor excursion.

Outfit yourself like the professionals and create a flexible outdoor wardrobe which can tackle all the challenges nature throws at you. 

Our recommended layering setup is for those who are serious about their outdoor adventures and keen to maximise thermal efficiency while saving weight. Ditch those big, heavy, bulky jackets for a superior layering setup. 

Layering provides you the flexibility to adjust your outfit to adapt to the conditions. Reduce layers at times of physical exertion to remain comfortable, or add additional layers to remain warm and dry.

Poorly organised layers can restrict your movement and cause you to sweat which will reduce your thermal efficiency and increases your water requirements. Our tactically chosen layers are chosen to provide a lightweight and thermally efficient outfitting system that stands up to the demands of the outdoors and keeps you comfortable.