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Failed Card Payments

We have received a few reports of customers with certain credit/debit cards having issues with order payments failing. We have spoken to our online payment provider and, in the instance this issue effects you, they have some advice which should help fix the issue. 

If for any reason the payment fails when checking out rest assured that no money will be taken from your account.

Common reasons a payment fails:

When making a purchase online from a new company and or a company outside of your local region/ overseas, your bank may flag the activity as unlike your normal spending behaviour.

If this occurs for you then your bank will typically block the payment until they either hear from you advising it is intentional, or they will contact you themselves to ask if the purchase is intentional. 

This is the reason behind 99% failed card payments.

How to fix it:

Call your credit/ debit card provider/ bank and ask them why they are blocking the payment. They will just need to hear from you to confirm you are indeed trying to make the purchase, otherwise they will advise you as to their reasons.

If the steps above don't solve the problem then we would recommend trying a different method of payment or contacting us. We will strive to help and assist with any such issues however, please do ensure you contact your card provider as a point of first contact as this will be our first advice.