Our Mission

For us nature's effect on mental health is a topic that is close to our hearts and something we are extremely passionate about. Each person is different and whether you can see it or not they may be fighting their own internal battle on a daily basis. We all can have our good days and bad days but there is one thing which universally connects us all: Nature. You are never alone in nature, you can feel the energy in the air. From the noises you hear, the scents in the air and the sights you see there is something everyone can enjoy, embrace and find peace in.

This is why we give 2.5% of all net profits back to help support those struggling with mental health and to help support the outdoor community via donations to select charities. We truly believe that we live in a beautiful world full of adventure that’s just waiting to be explored. We want to empower those less fortunate to have the opportunity to embrace nature and find peace in the simple beauty that exists in the great outdoors.

Nature has an amazing ability to make stress, anxiety and sadness just drift away and reset your mind. It’s truly an authentic experience. It has a grounding effect which helps make you appreciate the positive influences in your life and be grateful for the simple things you get to enjoy. We really are blessed to live in such a beautiful world and our mission is to spread this message so that no matter how alone you feel, you will always have a friend in nature. Know that everyone has their own battles to fight in life and if this is true then is anyone really alone when dealing with their own problems?

We hope to spread this message through our products to help inspire more and more people to take that trip of a lifetime, climb the mountain that scares you, spend a weekend in the forest, visit the ocean for the day or go swimming in a wild river. Facing your fears and pushing your personal boundaries is empowering, you expand your own horizon and often amaze yourself as to the true potential lying within you. These are things that no one can take away from you, beautiful memories that are your’s to hold onto and find strength in forever moving forward.

So by shopping with us, know that you are helping to give back to the outdoor community and are helping others less fortunate find their own personal peace and strength in the beauty of nature.

Do you have your own story of how nature changed or impacted your life? We’d love to hear about it. Contact us and we will listen, read or share with our own community so that you too can help others be inspired by your own personal journey or story of overcoming adversity.