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Our Mission

Our mission is simple:

  1. Reconnect as many people as possible to the beauty existing within nature.

  2. Help protect the environment for future generations to enjoy.

We live in a beautiful world full of adventure that’s just waiting to be explored. There's an energy within nature which can be deeply calming, inspiring and energising for every person. Nature doesn't discriminate, it doesn't choose favourites or judge you, it's there for every living being on earth equally.

By offering unique accessories all inspired by our own adventures and connections with nature we hope to create simple pieces of inspiration for your own next adventure. Each accessory is made to act as a token reminder that nature is always there, ready and waiting, all that you need to do is trust in your inner strength and get outdoors. 

Visit your nearest beach, mountain or forest and take a quick moment to tune into the noises, smells and feelings of everything around you. Some of you already know this feeling, however there are still many who have lost this connection without even realising. We are all born with a connection to nature, but as time goes by we can become distracted by the complexities of life. 

We wish for a future where nature is respected once again as an integral part of every persons lifestyle. You don't need to be a instagram celebrity or barefoot hippy to enjoy nature, even if going barefoot can be a fantastic experience! It's open to all equally without discrimination.

To help achieve our mission we donate 2.5% of all net profits back to help support a few select causes detailed below.

  • Nature Conservation Charities: With the ever growing pressure we put this planet under, we would be crazy not to help support those protecting the planet we love so much. We donate to select nature conservation charities to help protect and preserve the nature around us, for future generations to enjoy. 

  • Mental Health Charities: The pressures of modern life keep growing and for some people, a little help is needed to cope with this pressure. Many adults and children alike live a daily invisible struggle with their own minds. It's increasingly common and is something governments are not acting fast enough to help. We want to step in and help as much as possible, first by showing people how nature can greatly improve mental health and second, by donating to select mental health charities to help those outside our reach.

    Nature has an amazing ability to make stress, anxiety and sadness just drift away and reset your mind. It’s truly an authentic experience. It has a grounding effect which helps make you appreciate the positive influences in your life and be grateful for the simple things you get to enjoy. We really are blessed to live in such a beautiful world and our mission is to spread this message so that no matter how alone you feel, you will always have a friend in nature.

We hope to help inspire more and more people to take that trip of a lifetime, climb the mountain that scares you, spend a weekend in the forest, visit the ocean for the day or go swimming in a wild river. Facing your fears and pushing your personal boundaries is empowering, you expand your own horizon and often amaze yourself as to the true potential lying within you. These are things that no one can take away from you, beautiful memories that are your’s to hold onto and find strength in forever moving forward.

So by shopping with us, know that you are helping to give back to the outdoor community and are helping others less fortunate find their own personal peace and strength in the beauty of nature.

Do you have your own story of how nature changed or impacted your life? We’d love to hear about it. Contact us and we will listen, read or share with our own community so that you too can help others be inspired by your own personal journey or story of overcoming adversity.