Track Your Order

Get the latest updates on the progress of your order delivery. 

Just follow the link shown below to get started and enter your tracking number.

Please note that it can take 3 - 5 days for tracking information to populate on online tracking software before you can see it so please bear this in mind when checking.

If your tracking number comes up as not found and you see the screen copied below then please click select carrier and choose "Yanwen" as circled in red. Alternatively if it simply says not found, then still click on the select carrier button and search for "yanwen" as per the below screenshot. This often helps resolve any issues you may be having. 

Some of our items are dispatched from our international dispatch facilities. Due to this initial shipping updates will be input in their native language. However 17track offer a translate option to allow you to see the updates.

To access this simply tick the "Translate" box on the bottom right hand side of the white box that appears once you have entered your tracking number and clicked "track". See image at the bottom of this page for further reference.

Please note that for deliveries coming from international dispatch facilities, the order tracking will not be able to be updated while the item is travelling via airmail and entering through customs. Status will be updated once possession is taken by the courier service in your specific country if they offer this service.

Please note that if you select, "free shipping" the item will be sent via an economy service that tracks the dispatch from the country of origin to your location. Delivery will be recorded when it is delivered to you, however tracking updates will not be provided past departure. 

When your item is showing a status along the lines of: "Plan to transport Airlines, plan flight number AB1234, scheduled departure time 11:30", this status indicates your item has left/leaving its country of origin on the stated date and is on a plane to your destination country. 


Delivery Times 
Shipping times for each of our items vary based on the item chosen, for example: if the item is handmade, and also your specific shipping location. To give you a delivery date estimate, the majority of our products are taking between 2-3 weeks from the point of ordering to reach both domestic and international customers at present. In some very rare instances orders may be delayed in transport by your local delivery service or border customs and may take up to 5 weeks. Please bear in mind that while we take steps to prevent delays, should they occur these delays are not something within our control or influence when they are due to third parties. 

Multiple Item Orders 
We have dispatch centres located around the globe to service our worldwide customers better. We recommend reading each item's description for further information about delivery times for that particular product. If multiple items selected at checkout are stored in different dispatch centers, then your delivery will come via separate packages. 

Tracking Updates Not Changing 
We recommend using the 17track link for tracking updates. Please note that if your order comes from an overseas dispatch centre then updates are only provided for the country of departure on the standard or free shipping option. Our premium shipping services will provide full updates for the items entire journey. The final delivery to you will be recorded by the postal service to ensure your product has been delivered. Please allow 3 days before initially using your tracking number to allow the shipping courier a chance to update their online systems with progress.